CHVRG (pronounced Charge) is a philanthropy-centered, fitness and lifestyle brand that focuses on creating high-quality, fitted clothing around the world. We are quickly expanding to become one of the premiere fitness and lifestyle clothing choices. We utilize advanced technical materials to create unrivaled fitness wear, at an affordable price. Our vision is simply to dress and inspire the world’s athletes, gym-goers, and fitness enthusiasts.

As an apparel company, we aim to create the best looking and comfortable clothes for in and out of the gym. As a philanthropic organization, we hope to change the world’s view on active living and health education.

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How We Give Back

Project Fit America
Project Fit America is a non-profit organization that creates and administers exemplary fitness in education programming in elementary and middle schools across the country. They encourage children to pursue active lifestyles using leadership, sportsmanship, and character development. FPA works by partnering with schools to create educational programs, bring in sports equipment, and sponsor activities.
Challenged Athletes Foundation
Challenged Athletes Foundation provides opportunities and support to people with physical challenges, so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. We love that they sponsor individual athletes as part of their mission, and that their work evolves the perception of who can be a world-class athlete.

Partnership For A Healthier America
Partnership For A Healthier America is a non-profit focused on making healthier choices more affordable and accessible to families across the country. They have numerous programs, each working to progress health and knowledge. Their advocates include Michelle Obama and some of the most respected health and childhood obesity advocates in the nation.